All orders to be placed before the 15th of each month at 12pm for delivery at the end of each month.

About us

On the family farm Middenin, 30 km from Vrede in the picturesque Eastern Free State, SW Roeland has been farming with livestock and various crops for the past 40 years.

In 2018 SW involved his daughter Hanri on the farm and new things started to happen.  Vrystaat Vleis was one of them.

With friends and family living in the city, Hanri saw a need for fresh hormone – free meat that came directly from the farm to the end consumer.  She approached one of her friends, Maretha who is in heart and soul a farm girl but currently resides in Pretoria to help with the distribution.  Maretha, who is passionate about food has been involved in the food industry for the past 20 years. With the two friends putting their heads together during a weekend visit in Vrede and lots of burned fire wood, Vrystaat Vleis became part of the Worth It group.

After 3 years in the business and lots of inquiries from our clients, our product list has grown to such an extent that we no longer just supply our own farm’s meat.  We are grateful that we now also have our fellow small-scale farmers in the Free State and other provinces in the country’s products which we can distribute with our own.  We are constantly researching for new products and new ways to keep improving our service to give our customers a Worthwhile eating experience.

As we have first-hand experience, we believe that the best meat comes from the Free State and we are passionate about preparing the meat the correct and healthy way. Our animals are grass fed and consequently you can be assured of excellent quality and a product that is absolutely Worth It.

We also feel strongly that the livestock must be raised and slaughtered humanely and that our suppliers are ethical and trustworthy to ensure peace of mind for our customers.

SW & Hanri Roeland

Hierdie pa en dogter maak ‘n formidabele span op die plaas.  Hanri is ‘n skaap boer van formaat en maak elke maand seker dat die regte skape en lammers uitgesoek word vir slagting.


Maretha manages all aspects of the business that do not take place on the flagship farm.  From customer communication, preparing some of the products right through to doing most of the deliveries herself.