All orders to be placed before the 15th of each month at 12pm for delivery at the end of each month.

Legal stuff

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Medical an Hospital service

The closest hospital on the route is located in ……


There will be a medic traveling with us on the tour.


*Please note that riders are responsible for their own day to day medication.



Participants must wear cycling helmets that comply with international ANSI standards.  Bikes must be in good working order and race ready at the start of each day.  The bicycles may be propelled only through a chain set and by the rider’s leg action, without any form of assistance (electrical or otherwise).  Each rider is responsible for the maintenance of his/her own bike for the duration of the event.  Appropriate riding attire must be worn at all times.  It is the responsibility of the rider to carry adequate clothing and be prepared for sudden weather changes as may be appropriate to any weather conditions.


The tour does not have exclusive use of public and private roads during each day and participants must abide by the accepted rules of the road at all times.  Participants must obey the instruction of race marshals at all times.

All medical and emergency evacuation costs, incurred by the organizers on the participant’s behalf, will be for the account of the participant involved.

The race manger and/or race organizers reserve the right to prevent a rider from continuing the race on receipt of medical advice form an official race medic.  The decision of the race director and/or race organizers in this regard shall be final.


Participation requirements & Liability

Race participants do not require a racing license; however they must be at least 18 years of age on January 1st of the year of the event.

All participants must follow the regulations set out in this document.  Participants must meet the requirements of the race organizer and follow instructions from officials at all times.

Participants must be in good mental and physical health.  The race organizer may exclude any participant that is deemed to not meet an appropriate standard of mental and physical health.  Participants acknowledge that they are in good health and have trained adequately as might be expected of a person for such an event.


All participants must have health and accident insurance which provides cover as well as rescue and transport insurance.  The insurance must cover the full costs of an emergency transport.

Participants take part in the tour/event at their own risk.  Participants release the tour organizers, and other staff, helpers, volunteers and medical staff involved in this event from all liability.  Included are any claims, that myself, my heirs or other 3rd party’s may make on my behalf, due to injuries suffered, damages caused an/or death.  Furthermore participants release the tour organizers and other staff, helpers, volunteers and medical staff from all liability towards 3rd party’s, as long as these 3rd party’s incurred damages and/or injuries caused by my participation in the Lesotho MTB Tour.



Participants who register for the Lesotho MTB Tour are under the obligation to make payment.  Participants may withdraw from the event; however no entry fees will be refunded by the tour organizer.


If the Lesotho MTB Tour is cancelled for any reason whatsoever, participants will be refunded for their entry package.


Technical assistance

Riders will be responsible for their own mechanical support.

All equipment taken from the tour mechanic will be billed for the participants account.


Traffic and code of conduct

The race takes place on freely accessible routes.  Vehicles, people and animals not associated with the race may be present on the course at any given time.  Instructions from race marshals must be strictly obeyed at all times.


Slower riders must give way to faster riders who are attempting to overtake them.

Each rider must travel at speeds that are within his/her ability and act responsibly.  All race sections, especially descents, must be navigated with the utmost care.  Riders must be prepared to brake at all times, especially during descents.

Riders are obliged to notify other participants of dangers.

Riders who crash or whose bikes have mechanical defects must vacate the route; any first aid measures or repairs are to be performed at the side of the route.


Environment & Littering

Discarding of any items (rubbish, gel tubes, drinking bottles, bicycle inner tubes, etc.) in areas outside the designated zones is prohibited.