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Race info and tecnical

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Event Information


17-21 April 2019

The event briefing will take place on the 16th of April at the Sani Hotel outside Himville.


The event starts on Wednesday morning ( 17th April) at the Quachasnek Border post and will finish at the Sani Hotel at the bottom of the Pass.


All participants are responsible for their own transport to the Sani Hotel on the 16th of April.  Transport from Sani Hotel to Quachasnek Border post can be arranged for participants and their bikes.

The tour ends at the Sani Hotel on the 21st of April and participants are responsible for their own transport back home from Sani Hotel.



There will be no age categories.

Prizes to be won

  • Winners Jersey Men
  • Winners Jersey Woman
  • King of the distance
  • King of the mountain
  • King of the downhill
  • Sprinters Jersey



Riders are timed individually.

The start will remain open for 15 minutes after the official start tie for the last zone.  Riders arriving late will start the stage with a corresponding time deficit.  In such cases, the maximum stage time will not be extended.


Riders must complete all five days including the time trials.  All riders who complete the entire course within the allotted maximum time for all days will qualify as official tour finishers.  At all times every rider must follow the official race route and obey the directions of the course marshals.  They may not take shortcuts or adopt any other tactics that would gain them an unfair advantage over fellow riders.  Each rider is personally responsible for following the official route.

The actual course and distance of the route and tallied elevations may vary from the published listings and may be changed at short notice due to external circumstances.


Day starts

The riders must assemble at the designated starting point no later than 15 minutes prior to the official start time.  Starting times will be assigned on the basis of the current overall ranking and will be posted the evening before.


The race director may assign different start times for individuals.


Finish/Maximum time/Cut-off times

Times are taken when riders cross the finish line.  Riders may cross the finish line on foot, provided they have their mountain bikes with them.


A maximum time (e.g. 6pm) is announced for each day prior to the tour.  Those who do not cross the finish line before this time (e.g. 6h15pm) will be excluded from the overall ranking.  This maximum time is not a duration (e.g. eight hours) but a time (e.g. 6h00pm).


The race director may change this maximum time at short notice.  Changes to the macimum time will be announced at the briefing for the stage in question.  A decision to prolong the maximum time (e.g. plus one hour = 7h00pm) may also be made during the stage.


The race director can designate various cut-off points along the route (such as at a water point) that must be reached within a certain time.  Should a rider fail to finish the prologue in the specified maximum time, he/she will be excluded from the overall ranking.


If a rider cannot continue the tour, the rider and his/her bike will be transported to the finish village at the Sani Hotel.


Official finishers are those who have completed every day as stipulated in these regulations within the maximum time aloud and on their mountain bike.  Those who are unable to complete a day for any reason will be excluded from the official overall ranking and have no right to the designation of official finisher.  However, those riders may participate on the other days is the wish to do so.


Final Ranking

Final rankings are calculated by adding together the time each rider took to complete the each day.  The rider with the least total time will win his/her category.  In order to be included in the final rankings a rider must have completed all five days within the maximum allowed stage time.


Prize giving

The prize giving dinner will take place on the evening of the 21st of April at the Sani Hotel.